About the Eastern Michigan Committee

The Cecchetti Council of America had been in existence over 60 years. Established as a ballet organization autonomous from the Dancing Masters of Michigan in 1939, it received status as a nonprofit educational organization through the State of Michigan in 1951.

Through the passionate work of the charter board members, Jack Bickle, Olga Fricker, Sylvia Hamer, Marjorie Hassard, Gertrude Edwards Jory, Leona Lucas, Jane Caryl Miller, Enid Ricardeau, Virgiline Simmons, Theodore J. Smith, and Phyllis Peterson Thorne, the CCA spread the teachings of Enrico Cecchetti in the United States.

During the 1950’s, regional Committees were formed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, the East Coast, and the Southwest. Today, there are seventeen regional committees which hold workshops, seminars, refreshers and provide examinations and scholarship opportunities to deserving students and teachers.

A General Board was formed to provide the Executive Board with assistance in the education activities in Michigan. The Eastern Michigan Area has been active as the home base of the CCA since the beginning.

We are proud of our rich Cecchetti heritage in Michigan and will continue to uphold the principal objective of the Council to raise the quality of ballet teaching through continuing educational opportunities.

Join us!

Although all CCA teachers in the Eastern Michigan area are automatically members of the EMC, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to actively participate within the committee! We host and play music for the Cecchetti syllabus exam sessions, plan the annual workshops, choose guest teachers, design and sell t-shirts and other merchandise, organize audition classes for student scholarships to attend the International Cecchetti Summer School at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.